Welcome to my new life

I hope as I tell you the events of my life in Romania you will enjoy and find it as interesting as I have.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Rock Buns!!!!!

Straight from the oven, 10 minutes to make 10 minutes to bake, OH!! that rhymes!!!

At Last!!!

Well at last I made it back to do my Blog. Thanks to everyone who have sent messages to me about my Blog. It was a always a long hot summer and to my delight my little bit of garden did very well. The Geraniums as usual were , and still are lovely, I had a good crop of tomatoes some cherries and some figs .

My Sister, Brother and Sister in law came to see me which was great and Bill came back to help with the charity. He has been busy helping ever since raising money and sending lot's of parcels of clothing etc. which also others have helped to pay for. He is coming again next week to do some repairs at the day centre ( The Secret Garden) and probably lot's more.

I went to Manchester for 3 weeks in September and had a lovely time, I saw almost all of my family there and after the first week began to feel physically much better and have continued to feel better since I got back. It was great to go shopping in all the "POUND" shops ha ha !!! and eat "Greggs Pasties sitting on a market stall watching the world go by. and it was nice and warm whilst I was there.

Bill is staying here with me so I am busy getting ready for his arrival, lot's of meals cooked and in the freezer and all done and dusted , as they say.

Well I have just finished a batch of my "Rock Buns" which all the family seem to enjoy and varied them again, this time I have put cinnamon, cherries and sultanas in so I shall await the verdict.

Will get ready now for my visit from Yasmina, Rosie and Kathy , (Yasmina had to take a red apple today to nursery to make fruit salad Mmmmm!!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bill's Visit!!

Decorating Easter eggs from the Handicraft Box!
My brother Bill came again on the 3rd of May. He came to see me in February with his wife Angie and my sister Betty as I had been too ill to go to see them , they came here. Bill had not been before and really enjoyed his stay but was also very impressed by the work Kate and Kenneth were doing with the poor people and street kids. He went home and started fund raising for "Vis de Copil", everyone wanted to help . He sent large boxes of clothes and handicrafts for the day centre (" The Secret Garden") by courier. It was very much appreciated by all , he also sent photo's of the children which asap. will be on the walls at the day centre. He certainly has been wonderful and of course his lovely wife Angie who is marvelous with the children.

So many, many thanks Bill. On this visit he did jobs at the day centre and at Kate and Kenneth's home which really needed doing and Kenneth has so much to do he does not get the time to do. Then to top it all he made the whole family a great meal and Caribbean pasties , Mmmmmm!!!!!!! delicious!

Thanks for coming Bill thanks for all your help and time and money spent of course and most of all it was great to see you.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

My friend Helen came to mine at 10.45 so that we could watch the wedding togeter. What a lovely day, was so proud to be British ( even though I love living in Romania).I t was truly a perfect day and as my Dad was a Grenadier Guard I loved to see them in all their finery.

I think the Bride looked radiant, lovely the dress and seeing the Abbey annd all the thousands of people that turned out onto the streets of London plus the millions that watched on TV all over the world made it a happy day amidst all the troubles.

Good luck William and Catherine may you have a happy life together.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Alba Iulia

A lot more to come, but I have to go for now. Hope you enjoy

the pictures and that it gives you an idea how beautiful

Romania is.

Fairytale Weekend!!




Wow!! I thought I was on the set in a Harry Potter film.

Isn't it magnificent??

Kathy , Abby, Yasmina and myself decided to have a weekend break and so that Abby (our volunteer for 3 months) could see a little more of Romania and for me of course. We started off Friday mid day with a picnic packed for stops on the way. Our destination to be Alba Iulia (the old capital of Romania before Bucharest. As we were going through Lipova I we stopped to go into the Catholic Cathedral there which is beautiful and I really thought I would never visit again. I managed to climb the steps and go inside and I was so pleased to be in this wonderful place again where I can honestly say I feel God's presence. We had a wee picnic outside after before we set off again.

The countryside was so lovely with all the blossom trees out and lambs in the fields at play. Got to Alba Iulia about 8pm and booked in at The Astoria Hotel (just outside the city). The Hotel was very nice and we had evening meal then relaxed before bed. In the morning the scenery from our window was rolling hillsides and more sheep and lambs with the shepherd. The water features were super with giant carp , little streams and waterfalls. After breakfast we made for the Cetate (citadel) my goodness it was a site to be seen. More steps but well worth it. Soldiers dressed in the uniform of the old epoch patrolled. I will put some photo's on the next post and you will see how it was.

I am so glad we went and as we have now found out there are a lot of the sites we did not see , so we hope to go back and see more.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Well I am going back to February now , It has been so busy also bad coughs and colds ( which is usually the case in Winter yeah?) I just have not got round to writing my blog but here goes.

Kathy had suggested we should all go for a meal in Timisoara to celebrate Her birthday , mine and Kenny's and for Jo and Philip as they missed Christmas with us, Abby too (a volunteer from UK . So although I did not really feel like going I thought I should make the effort.Decided to get a little dressed up for the occasion as we had booked the "Casa cu Flori" ( house of flowers) which is a lovely restaurant in Tmisoara. Jo and Philip came for me and off we went, nearing Timisoara we turned off towards the airport ", what we doing" ?, I said and Jo said oh! we are just giving Hilary and John (friends of ours who live here too) a lift to town centre. We all met up at the airport , had a coffee whilst we waited for landing. I went to the cash machine and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "can I have some cash too ?" I turned and there was my Sister , Betty , I think I screamed with delight and shock ! then saw Angie and then my brother Bill!! Wow what a SURPRISE !!! as I had been in hospital and quite poorly they wanted to come and see me.

It was quite pleasant weather for my visitors and Bill and Angie walked all over Arad seeing the sites and also got very involved with the work Kathy and Kenneth are doing here with the poor people and street kids. They have been wonderful, sending boxes of Handicrafts, clothes and being good disciples getting churches and people they know , friends and family all rallying round . How lovely and my thanks go out to all who are helping it is much appreciated. Betty enjoyed being with me and we took things a little slower but it was so lovely to have them here with me. Bill is coming again in May so that's the story so far with Lot's more to come and I hope it does not take me so long to do my blog now , I must keep up to date.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Just a few Christmas pictures!

New Year Party!!!

Well New year at my apartment was a great success. The curry was great and Kenneth made fresh chapatti's , we had lime pickle, mango chutney rice and poppadoms yum!!! Alina (Kenny's girlfriend ))made lovely cakes and of course we had some champagne.

We had great fun with the exploding streamers and confetti , the children oh yes!! and the adults ha ha !! and blowers too , the main thing was we had Lot's of laughs and Lot's of fun , so a good time was had by all. Hope all who read and follow my blog had a good day too and let's hope we all have a good 2011 with good health and Lot's of love and peace in the world.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Day !!

Well what a funny year 2010 was for me anyway!! I was booked to go to Hyde in April to stay with my sister and husband and to visit my brother and his wife and friends but alas I had to cancel . My blood pressure was sky high and my leg very swollen. I booked then to go in late October but no go BP still not good for flying. Then in October I was admitted to hospital and had an operation (will not go into details) came out a week later and the Herniated discs in my spine must had got badly disturbed . The pain in my back, hip , leg and foot was so bad I could not walk. The family rallied round and got me a wheel chair so at least I could go out. I eventually decided to go back to the Clinic Eva as Doctor Patru once before had got me out of pain and walking again. I had Acupuncture and infiltration for 10days (the clinic was closing then for Christmas). The good news is with the treatment , pain killers and anti inflammatory etc I feel much, much better. As I reflect on my year I stop to think that there are thousands of people in the world so much worse and I feel thankful I have a good family to look after me , a warm home to live in and food and all I need to be comfortable.

Many thanks to everyone that sent kind messages, came to visit me and for all the prayers said for me.

On a brighter note I did however have a nice Christmas. We all went to Mariana and Nelu's for Christmas eve and had a lovely time as always. Christmas day was at my daughter Kathy and Kenneth and I helped a little with Amy to make a delicious spread. Boxing day I made meat and potato pies and we took them to Kathy's and had another very nice day. Today they are coming here to me but there is only 6 as Amy has gone back to Glasgow and Johanna and Philip are still in Australia, it will sound funny but we are having curry and rice and all the trimmings, chutneys, lime pickle etc. etc.

I hope I have not bored you with my tale of woe but I do sincerely wish you all a very, very Happy New Year and most important a Healthy one.!!!!!!!


what a funny year

Friday, 8 October 2010

Just a few of the Jam pie in the making !!!!

A Busy Time With Granny!!!!!!!!!

Well done Yasmina !!!!

Yasmina 's first pie

I was just making a cheese and onion pie when Kathy arrived with Rosie and Yasmina, yesterday so with the bit of pastry that was left over I let Yasmina make her first pie. She decided to fill hers with jam and she made a jolly good job of it. Rosie quite often bakes when she comes and helps with the dinner and washing up so it was Yasmina's turn. I remember my Grandma teaching me to cook, my Mother did too as my Mother was a good cook . (She used to cook many years ago during and after the war at Eaton school for boys.)

We all had a piece of cheese and onion pie and finished off with the famous jam pie .!!!!!!! It's good to spend time with the little ones, I had felt really poorly for two days but when they come it takes your mind off yourself. Yes !!! it's lovely to see them all and it's nice when they go ha ha !!!! Peace at last.

Thursday, 7 October 2010


" Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness"

As I strolled along the river on Saturday ( a lovely warm sunny day) I was reminded of school days when we made brooms with the cast off stems of Autumn leaves and collected shiny conkers for games in the school yard at break times and acorns in their little daint
y cups to put in our bedrooms - they were so pretty. I was with my family and the children we had first been in the park , on the swings and slides we even had candy floss which took me back once more to childhood and the "Wakes" ( the Gipsies would set up the rides like the walzter and huge boat swings and roundabouts, also coconut shies and hoops to throw over objects to win a gold fish), we had such fun and usually went home with a coconut and a fish which of course died the day after.

I must be getting old ( almost 69yrs. now) I nev
er thought I would start reminiscing but there you go it comes to all I suppose !!

Arad is certainly a very pretty city and different with all the seasons but I think the Autumn is one of my favourite. There are walnuts fresh from the tree now and the last of the plums and a glut of chillies. I made plum jam and chilli jam which is in great demand as it tastes great on hot chicken wings, cheese or ham.

So we await the winter, but that will be nice too with crispy white snow and icicles on the windows like lace curtains......

Monday, 27 September 2010

How time flies

I can't believe it is a year since my Great grand daughter , Rafaela was born ....Gosh!!!! that was a quick year . We had two parties for her as Granny Kate and Grandpa Ken were in Scotland, so we had another party on their return. As we are still having lovely sunny days we had barbecue's and sat outside until it was dark. On her actual birthday at Jo and Philip's house Rafaela walked right across the room, she had been almost walking for a while but to actually do it on her birthday was great!

It was, as always good to be with all the family and Mariana and Nelu ( who are family anyway!!) of course we all missed Amy as she is now at Bible College in Glasgow. It is good we have computers because we are in touch with her often and as she has a web. cam. I can see her and talk to her too. She seems to be settling in very well so I wish her all the very best and hope she enjoys it but works hard too. So Happy Birthday, La Multi Ani little Rafaela x x x x x x

Rafaela's first birthday

Monday, 30 August 2010

Pictures of Gabriel's First Birthday

Gabriel's first birthday

This is Gabriel , Irina and Viorel's little boy. He is a gorgeous little boy and very well behaved. It was his first birthday last Sunday so Amy and I went round to their apartment and took mini pizza, sausage rolls and I made a cake. It was very nice and we were made very welcome.

Irina and Viorel were on the streets for a lot of their lives but they got married and now have a little girl , Daniela and Gabriel. They have recently been given a new apartment from the town hall. The apartments are small but very nice and it is the best place they have ever had to live.

It will be our baby's first birthday on the 7th of Sept. Gosh!!! that was a quick year. Amy and I hope to be going to Johanna and Philip's f
or a barbecue so that will be nice. Kathy and Kenneth will still be in UK but can celebrate her birthday when they get back.

The pictures are of Gabriel and sister Daniela.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lot's of new pictures !!!!!

Ooooops!!!!! Just found photo's from Easter and through to July. Just shows I have not been well ! We were as usual invited to Mariana's where we started by cracking the eggs together, the laugh was my egg would not break which caused fit's of laughter !!!

The meal as always was delicious, Mariana and Nelu are such good host's and it was nice for both families to be united at Easter.

The next main event was Johanna's and Daniela's birthday party at my apartment, It was hard work getting all the food ready but I had help from Amy and it is always
worth it when everyone enjoys themselves. It was a dull day so we ate inside but as you will see ended up on the terresa !!!!!

Last Saturday it was the Dorabant's Festival, the village is right on the Romanian-Hungarian border and mainly ethnic Hungarian people live there. We went early only to find the festival did not start until 4pm so we went to the Strand where there is a swimming pool and Thermal pools, it was a scorching hot day so the place was packed. We had scrummy , hot sweet, fresh, corn on the cob Mmmmm!!! Then we managed ice creams, then to the festival and eventually Goulash. The Band were great and the dancers too all in National costumes. So a good day was had by all only to collapse into a cool bath and bed on their return.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

my lovely grandchildren

My daughter doesn't get much time off but recently she and Kenneth have been making more of an effort. These photos were taken on a recent trip to Hunedoara castle, three hours from Arad.

July already!!!!!!

Sorry I have not written my blog. ..... I have had a lot of up's and downs in the last few months and have even cancelled a trip to UK again. High blood pressure etc. will not go into details. Any way I am feeling a lot better.

It is very hot again and bright sunshine and although I cannot go out when it is so hot I have lot's and lot's of pleasure looking at the garden, which is now looking very good. The Roses are lovely, they thrive here and the Geraniums without much attention. We went to a great garden centre and hope to go again soon, the prices were so reasonable and the people very helpful.

The family have all been wonderful and someone calls every day to see I am OK and take me to doctors, shopping etc.etc. Rosie and Yasmina are growing up fast and bring much pleasure to my life. One day about three weeks ago Amy brought them up and I suggested they they went off to the little park at the end of the estate, I gave them bottles of water and crisps and some biscuits and told them to have a picnic ....... Well !!!! they thought it was wonderful and only came back to go to the toilet, they were away two hours! The only thing is, now every time Yasmina comes .. she wants a picnic. It reminded me of when we were little , my sister and brother would go off to Hyde Park with bottles of water and jam sandwiches and stay all day and thought it was a real treat. Gosh!!! those were the days when such small things brought great pleasure and it was safe to let your children go to the park all day unsupervised. Ooooops! must be getting old I keep thinking in the past but at least I have some very happy memories.

Rafaela (Johanna's little
one) is almost walking now she is a real cutie . She is a good baby and alway's laughing , she is never still and like all babies into everything. All the family are doing well and planning to visit everyone in UK in August, I don't know when I will be able to go yet as the doctor does not like the thought of me flying with very high BP. I am not at all upset I love my home here and I am very comfortable. I am planning to have four days away in Hungary with Helen when they go , it will be a change and it is not a long journey.

The Day Centre ( The Secret Garden ) is very busy these days, I go sometimes and love to see the progress they are making and how nice it all is now. If you go to the "vis de copil" site (click on address on my side panel) you will see all the activities they do now. At the top of this post you can see a lovely tableau made bythe children from paper flowers which they made themselves.

My friend Gloria has gone to live in Timisoara now but comes over once a week to meet me, usually at one of our new Malls, "The Atrium" where, much to our delight we have C&A. Yes it's great, we used to love it in Britain but they closed all the stores there. Then we go upstairs and have chinese or mexican food, can't be bad eh??? I miss Gloria a lot as she was only over in the village here 5 minutes walk away and we spent long summer afternoons together chatting and drinking tea. Still it is nice to see her most weeks.We never stop talking. Must close now and try to do a couple of job's but it is so hot. Good job I have the air conditioning !!!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Spring has brought lovely sunshine and clear skies

April has been a lovely month with bright sunny days. Easter was very nice (as it alway's is here in Romania) and the old traditions still stand. We always get invited to Mariana and Nelu's house in Sanleani . She serves a wonderful spread starting with soup, then salad's and a hot meal and best of all her super cakes which are unbelievable and very scrummy. Before the meal starts we all have a glass of wine or visinata and the cracking of the eggs. It was a lovely day and as I had been quite poorly it was great to get out for a while.

My little fruit trees that were planted last year have blossomed and the fruit has set , so this year I should get a few cherries and plums. The Clematis Montana came into flower this week too , it is very pretty and a welcome site after winter. I have managed to get geraniums in my porch again and they are doing well , I had a change with window boxes and put in minature pansies , marigolds and margarites. I will get more plants to climb up the fences as soon as possible.Kathy has been very busy at the day centre and had quite a few visitors so I have to wait until she can take me .

I am at last feeling a lot better but unfortunatly could not go to Manchester for my planned visit this month. I had big problems with my leg and very high blood pressure but Dr. Bulboaca my GP is wonderful, she sent me for check ups, Diabetic , blood tests etc.etc. and changed my medication , giving me exta tablets for cardio vascular and I am now feeling much better.The medical care here is excellent , I have a friend in UK who has been waiting for weeks for an MRI scan when he could have had one here the next day.We also met a lady (well ! Amy did ) who came here from UK for extensive dental treatment , she said it was still less than half the price even with her air fares and a stay in a Hotel for a week. We are getting more and more people coming here for all kinds of medical teatment including plastic surgery, interesting eh???

I am hoping to go to the English conversation club tonight if only for a short while as I miss all my friends there, Romanian, German Italian and of course American and British , we laugh and say it's like United Nations !!!! Must try to rest a little now and then I will be able to go.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

March already !!!!!!!

Hello!! I did not realise just how long it was since I updated my blog. time seems to fly and the older you get , the faster it goes.

Christmas was nice, we had Christmas eve at Mariana's in Sanleani (
the village where Kathy and family live), The family have ben invited there every year since first coming to live in Romania. We are all made very welcome and have a great evening with lovely traditional Romanian food.

Christmas day is alway
s at Kathy's, with Mariana and her family all coming. Kenneth was very poorly with pneumonia and in bed, so it was down to Amy to cook dinner for 22 phew!!! but it was lovely and she did a terrific job, pretty much single handed! Kathy always invites people over the holiday who are away from home and their families and those who would not have a Christmas dinner other than with us.

I was to do Boxing day but Kathy decided it would be too much for me, as I haven't been all that well recently. I still wanted to "host" the day though so I cooked a meat and potato pie and chili con carne in advance and we took it all round to Kathy's. Everyone tucked in and really enjoyed the pie ( it was a change to have something different.)

The winter has been quite cold and lot's of snow but Britain seems to have had their share too this year. Now the spring is on it's way and I have buds on my little fruit trees I planted last spring and the Honeysuckle and clematis Montana are also in bud . It will soon be time to be thinking of doing the window boxes again , can't wait to see some flowers
out there!!

My new great grandchild, baby Rafaela is doing well. She is almost 6 months old - how time flies! She has 2 teeth and is almost crawling now.
Irina, Viorel and the children, Daniela and baby Gabriel came too on Boxing day. Wee Gabriel is coming on a treat too he's two weeks older than Rafaela - I like this photo of them both.

I paid a visit to the day centre the other day, it was great to see children and parents who live on the streets or in literally hovels in the pooerest communities tucking into bowls of hot soup and bread.

Some of the children were busy in the quiet room making easter pictures etc. The centre is a real credit to Kathy and Kenneth, how wonderful to have somewhere to get food and warmth and showers and clean clothes for them all. Amy is now on the staff too (though at the moment without pay), I just wish all the people who help to fund this wonderful place could see it for themselves, they would certainly be pleased at the hands on care and love that helps these poor souls.

Well I will try to keep putting bits of news on for those who are good enough to follow my blog. Will put a few pictures on too .

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Thanks for the shoe boxes from British children

Arad City Hall at Christmas

The children
loved the boxes
many thanks.

Saint Nocholas .

Rosie and Yasmina just out of the bath!!

Rosie and Yasmina just out of the bath!!
My wee adopted Grand children

Watching Tweenis on computer

Watching Tweenis on computer
If your happy and you know it clap your hands!!

Johanna with her Dad

Johanna with her Dad

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Jackson Here we come!!!!!!!

Jackson   Here we come!!!!!!!
anything you want ,, they got it !!!

Beautiful Roses

Beautiful Roses

My New Apartment

My New Apartment
Hope this is the last move!!!!!!


heralding the spring


1st March

Angie with baby Oliver

Angie with baby Oliver

Bill in the garden with Niamh

Bill in the garden with Niamh
I expect he is teaching her how to grow things

Blanket for baby Oliver

Blanket for baby Oliver
Hope it keeps him cosy